Airtable Publisher Missing Data After Publication


I have been experimenting with Airtable Publisher by @dripple to create a website using my Airtable database.

Using the documentation and demonstration site, I can preview my Airtable data locally. However, after I publish to my domain the pages are simply blank. No Airtable data comes through - no error messages.

As a completely novice user, I am probably doing something wrong but wondered if anyone had come across this problem before and if there might be a common fix?

Thank you.

It’s always best practice to provide a URL when you are asking for help.

When you say “ no error messages” are you checking the console or just looking at the page?

Hallo @jmc, I am happy to help.

As @teefers already mentioned, a link to a published page could help.

If you say the pages are simply blank, so really blank? Just a simple white page without any content (check the source of the site → right click on the page and “Show Page Source” if you using Safari).

You could try to publish the demo pages to check if everything is working correctly with your hosting provider (assuming that the hosting package supports PHP pages and is set up to a current php version (7.4 is the actually the common used PHP version)


Thank you @teefers for the pointers. I have not built a website before and am not used to asking for help of this kind, but will be sure to provide URL in future. thank you also for replying.

@dripple thanks for the tips. You mentioning PHP helped me solve the issue. My hosting was running on PHP 8.0 - when I downgraded to 7.4 the site functions exactly as expected.

Totally amazing plugin. I was able to do in minutes what I was unable to do on WordPress in months!

Thanks again!

Glad it worked out. PHP 8 support is planned for a future version of the stacks I am currently working on, but no eta given at the moment.

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