Crashing when publishing to S3

When I try to publish to S3 I get a hard crash. Rapid Weaver Version 8.7 (20860). MacOS Mojave with 40Gb.

In Publishing Setup I’ve added the Access Key and Secret Key and it’s displayed my buckets as expected and allows me to choose the correct one. I’ve tested the keys through Boto in a Python script and they’re working as expected, giving me access to everything they should have.

Is there an email address I can send the crash log to? I’m new to Rapid Weaver so not really sure what to check or look at…
Might include a link to this post as well.


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Actually looking at the crash log I think I know what’s causing the problem. It looks like they’re using Curl to handle the upload. Curl returns a certificate error when trying to upload to S3 when the bucket name has “.” characters in it because it’s trying to validate the certificate against a non-existent domain rather than the S3 domain. I ran into this about a month ago on a project. So it’s most likely that the error is causing something to break in their code. I’ll send them the log so they can look into it further.


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Hey Ian!

Got those crash logs, thanks for sending that over.

Can you send over your publish logs as well?

  1. Go to RapidWeaver > Preferences > Publishing and make sure “Upload Logging” is enabled

  2. Now, try publishing / recreating the issue again

  3. Finally, go to Help > Copy Support Logs and paste this into a document, and send it over

Hi Aaron

it tells me that DevMate crash reporter is not enabled.

one other question - do the publishing logs contain the S3 keys? I’m ok if they do, but just need to know so I can invalidate them once we’ve sorted this out.


Any update on the ”devmate” issue @dan?

Nothing to release just yet, sorry, it will however be fixed in the next update.

Sorry for the delay, lots going on here right now :wink:

@dan could you check if this might be the cause? Might save you and others time and hassle, if so?

Thanks for the heads-up we’ll hopefully get a fix added into the next build of RW 8, probably version 8.8 at this point.

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