Back to RW-5, very disappointed in RW-6

Hello everybody!

I don’t know if I’m the only person who is very disappointed in RW-6, but I’m busy to rebuild my RW-6 websites (16) to RW-5. After buying a product with only problems (uploading, since a few days not possible to save and stacks (the latest version) which don’t work any more I think a hobby has been changed in a problem.
Even as a beginner there were never problems in RW-5.

Are there other RW’ers who think in a same way and if, what can we do? Excuse my bad English (I miss the Dutch version and my RW-friends!)

Hi there

Have you contacted us directly about these issues?



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Dear Nik
In the past I posted many times the problems about publishing. After resolved there came another problem: every changed paged had to be uploaded two times, every time there was an error, the second time succeeded. After that the was a problem about saving to my computer, recently the stacks doesn’t work anymore. Because of my bad English and the missing of a Dutch forum I’m a bit tired to spend so much time to read the forum en spend my time to try solving problems so this morning I made the discussion to rebuild all my websites to RW-5. I’m sorry.

I do hope your experience is not a bad omen!

I am redoing an existing site that is currently published using RW5 but the new version will be done using RW6 (and on a different iMac, El Capitan Apple installed). Rather than start afresh, I have converted the RW5 file to RW6 and am modifying existing content, pages and layouts.

I save as I go, either straight Save, or Save As. Yesterday, having dragged a text stack fro one stack layout into another and deleted the unwanted layout and despite save or save as I got the spinning ball so checking on force quit RW not responding. This happened several times. In the end I gave up, resigned to the likelihood I’d have to redo the entire page layout from scratch. This morning, i had another go and everything was ok. This sort of issue has never happened on RW5.

If you’re not running the latest version of Stacks, I’d strongly recommend that you grab a copy of it:


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