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My client has a rapidweaver site and a WP site. The Rapidweaver one is the best one ! So she has asked me to fwd the domain of the WP site to the Rapidweaver site. Thats all good. But she also wants me to back up the WP site before shutting down hewr account,

Any ideas how I should do this? I have used site sucker and downloaded a file from that. But IUm not sure it will be of much use if down the lkline she asks me to recreate a page from her old defunct WP website

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First hit in Google search…

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There are a number of WordPress plugins that perform backups. Also many host backup WordPress sites automatically. You can also do a manual backup.

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@Figory In Doug’s linked post they mention Backup Buddy (paid product). I’ve heard from a few folks who design WordPress sites that they only use Backup Buddy. Simple, effective, quick (apparently, since I haven’t used). Perhaps not what you want to spend in terms of $$, but cost efficient if you do these kinds of things often.

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Great info

Thanks everyone.

I’ll recomend Back up Buddy to client

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Just use the free duplicator plugin

-> install duplicator on the current wp site -> make a package and download the .zip and installer.php

Than you can shut it down. Later -> just drop the .zip and installer.php in the root of the new ftp hosting and go to url/installer.php -> do the steps -> connect to the new database and the site will be back.

ps: I have also backupbuddy , it works the same way but duplicator is free.

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Nice recommendation by @gille

I originally learned about Backup Buddy from him, so it seems this new recommendation will be cheaper and as effective.

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I agree, if the only reason you’re backing up is to replace the site with RapidWeaver site, then go cheap. Chances are you’ll never use the backup. Just making client comfortable.

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