Website backup services — recommendations?

I am desperately searching for a reliable website backup service for my RapidWeaver website, to supplement the limited service offered by my current online server.

Does anybody have any recommendations about website backup services that you’ve had good luck with concerning your RW website?

Here are a couple of typical ones I came across:

Which website backup services have you used to back up your RW website, and how would you rate such services, both the good and the bad? Which website backup companies/services work well for you and your RW website, and which ones would you suggest be avoided?

Thanks for sharing your frank recommendations and advice soon.

One option:
Buy an external drive and just use FTP to download entire site. This way you capture error.logs, “warehoused” items, and anything else “outside” of Rapidweaver… Yummy FTP (and I’m sure others) has a synced “archive” feature that handles this well so you don’t have to download entire site each time.


Most web hosting services offer 30 days of free backups (i.e. always the most recent 30 days). Some offer more. I realize you are saying your service doesn’t but this may be an initial indicator that another hosting service might better serve you. After all, if they don’t offer the very typical backup service there’s surely other things they are also not offering that are important.

@1611mac suggestion is a very good one. The benefit of a good hosting service is all this gets taken care of automatically. But one can never have too many backups!

For instance with Backupmachine it’s $5 per month for weekly backups, $10 per month for daily backups. I doubt it would cost $10 more per month to be using a better hosting service. The only advantage I see of this approach is Backupmachine (and others) would be using entirely different servers: so that’s a wee bit of extra security.


I agree…do it yourself…and then let time machine back up your backup!!!


Many thanks to all those who took the time to reply to my request for recommendations, above. Your comments were very helpful. I went ahead and found a new web hosting service (A2 Hosting, the official host of Rapidweaver), and realize now just how much I was missing with my old host service. Thanks again for your feedback. by @yuzool

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