BAHRUG - Brighton & Hove Rapidweaver User Group

I met another RW user in the pub last week and we (well me, certainly) had a rare old time.

Are there any other Rapidweaver users in in the Brighton and Hove Area who’d like to get together and see if we can put some sort of regular meet together at a local pub?

I’d envisage it being for all levels of RW user where we could have a web-related natter and exchange tips and tricks, rather than it being a presentation-based meeting, but I suppose it would be up to the group how it developed.

Please register your interest here and in a week’s time let’s see if we have enough to get something rolling.




Hi Rob:

I know I’m responding to an old (2016?) post of yours, but I’ve been looking for Rapidweaver users who would like to meet on-line. Zoom has become very useful for that.

I’m a hobbyist Foundry user and have found it’s useful to learn by demoing (Foundry) topics to others and discussing challenges of my own. Preparing for topics makes me learn.

My weakness is design and discussing design experiences and challenges with others is very enjoyable to me and I always pick up tips from others.

If you have interest please reply to I’m at

I live in Castro Valley, California, USA and it looks like you live near Brighton and Hove, UK, about 8 hours ahead of me. Meetings would have to be 10am-12pm my time/6pm-8pm your time to be convenient.

Hope to hear from you.

Bill George

After four years, someone at last reaches out! :sunglasses:

Many thanks Bill, but I’m a member of a couple of online RW groups and my original post was looking for a physical meetup in Brighton where we could have a few beers and maybe even get the guys from RealMac to come along. It clearly didn’t chime with anyone, so perhaps wasn’t meant to be. Maybe after the pandemic has passed…

All the best,


I have been holding virtual hangouts with users ever Friday for around 7 years now. We do it over Zoom. It normally goes on for 4-5 hours. It’s a lot of fun.