RapidWeaver Conference & Expo

Hey everyone

How soon do you think we can organize something like this? Workshops, Keynote Speakers, Promotions, Networking, and all that jazz.

Where should it be held?

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Now that would be something, would’t it!

I’d probably suggest it was in the US…

We’d only ever do something like this if we could ensure there was demand for it. Please chime in on this thread if it’s something you’re interested in.


I am just outside Toronto, but I would travel pretty much anywhere in the North East USA. Boston area or Syracuse would work. How about Niagara Falls? (Canadian Side), we could all go to the Casino afterwords?

We would have to keep the overall costs down. I looked into the Adobe MAX conference last year, and unfortunately I would have had to re-mortgage my house to attend.

USA. New England region. Rhode Island.

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I’m in Philadelphia PA but am from upstate NY, so the locations recommendations made here so far appeal to me.


OK, lets keep this crazy idea rolling. If we keep talking about it we can make it happen.

I am interested in hearing from any RW developers that would be interested in participating by either speaking or doing a workshop.

That’s something we’ve long thought of. We’d be glad to participate in such event and of course to host it in Italy, if necessary. :wink:

IMO, arranging at least a couple of dates, one in the US and one in UK would be a great start.

Interesting that you’d plump for the US given that you’re UK based. What percentage of users actually live in the UK? Purely out of curiosity, I’d be interested to know a bit more about my fellow weavers. I only use Rapidweaver for my own sites (two of), but quite a few seem to be pro web designers.

I live in the UK, so am biased towards a UK based conference etc. Seeing as RM are based in Brighton, then that would be a logical and perfect location. Also it’d be a good excuse for me to dip my toes in the sea, have some candy floss and a stick of rock and watch the Starlings murmurate on the pier.

Good 5-6 hour drive for me, but would depend on when it was.

I’m in deepest darkest Suffolk, so it’d be a good three hour drive for me, but what the heck, it’d be cheaper than getting to the USA. :smile:

Fantastic idea. I can’t say I’d realistically be able to afford travelling to one of these but I’d definitely be willing to pay to have access to an online stream of presentations/workshops etc. Not sure how feasible or how it’d work logistically but I’d be open to it.

I’d be game for this! Lot of amazing folks in the RapidWeaver community I’d love to meet in person.

If this gets enough attention, we should put a poll together for the location - US or UK.

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We should have two locations… then link the two together via live stream. We can get together in one location out this way, and watch presentations on a large screen from the UK. There has to be enough of us nerds to put something together.

I’d love to attend such an event… :slight_smile:

I’d certainly be interested and as I only 60 miles from Brighton then that would be ideal for me.

I’m sure The Norfolk Hotel could lay on a round of sandwiches and a few cans of Tizer (other fruit based carbonated soft drinks are available).

Why not San Francisco? Sure, it’s a world capital of the Tech world, but don’t forget… I live there now!

I’m in the UK, near Cambridge. I’d consider Brighton a possibility for sure ;-).

Or why not Cambridge as it’s the UK capital of tech?

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