RW Conference Thoughts

Hi Guys,

Would love to hear what the actual attendees thought of the RW Conference topics.

Which ones did you like & got good info from, which ones not so much & why?

Looking forward to your feedback.


Hey Bill, I went and thoroughly enjoyed the conference. The topics had a nice mix of beginner and more advanced info and even some non-Rapidweaver specific stuff that I thought was excellent as well.

A couple of my favourites might have been Jon Hawkins’ talk (he built a site from the ground up) as I enjoyed seeing the design/build process that someone else took and the tools they used. Paul Russam’s talk on building animations with Sections Pro/Box was super impressive. It helped spark some ideas/creativity for upcoming projects. A few presentations I’ll probably go back and re-watch as they went by pretty quickly. The one on branding was just really well done. Even if that isn’t your thing, the talk was just very professional and polished.

I’m not sure what others thought of the price. However, seeing as I have an interest in Easy/Total CMS the combo of an early bird discount as well as a Total CMS licence made it very worthwhile for me (and the other discounts were just icing on the cake).

I know that doesn’t sound like a very critical take on the conference but I thought it was really well organized (especially for a first-time) and all the speakers were well-prepared and the attendees were engaged enough to ask lots of good questions (I don’t think any sessions ended early) and share resources in the chat room during presentations.

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Ignoring the fact that I was one of the speakers I was really impressed with how well it all went, there were a couple of minor tech issues, mostly to do with sound but they didn’t spoil the experience.
The ones I gained most from were the one I knew least about (obviously), namely @nickcates talk on Cartloom, @barchard 's hosting, Bret Carmichael’s Cloudflare and the one on branding.
Roll on WSC2017 :hugs:


@PaulRussam many thanks for the kind words. i wish i got to see yours. i only heard great things about it.

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Thanks guys - we all appreciate the feedback - if any other attendees are reading this, please post, love to hear your thoughts on the RW Conference.