Help with Unity

I’ve got stuck. I’m trying to put together a simple responsive site which will also work on an iPhone. I’ve bought the Unity theme from Nimblehost and have used Stacks 3 for all three pages, but it’s just not responsive! I’ve used a simple banner pic, and the site, on preview, seems to be using the width of the banner as the minimum width for the site. I have Stacks 3 and haven’t modified the theme at all, beyond using my own picture in the banner. However even using one of the supplied banner pix seems to fix the width so that it doesn’t adapt.

I can’t find any documentation on how the theme is supposed to work on the Nimblehost site, so I’m hoping someone here might have encountered (and solved) the same problem.

I’m having trouble with pictures too, which seem to distribute themselves randomly and in random sizes, in spite of being tiny at around 11kb each). I mention this in case it’s part of the same problem!

Have you looked in the Advanced Site Options?

Go to then scroll down to almost the bottom and they’re listed there.

It sounds to me as though you have to enable the responsive stuff rather than it being switched on by default but I don’t own the theme so I’m guessing.

Otherwise Jonathan at Nimblehost is a really helpful developer so just shoot him an email and I’m sure he’ll help you out.