Banner stack with parallax effect?

I see in sold themes, and on websites, and in demos of stacks pages, people have banners, pictures, and when you scroll the parallax effect is there… the picture appears to move, or stay still, while the content flows up over it… I’m aware of what parallax is more or less, but I can’t find a banner that has that effect, so I’m wondering how others are doing it… which stack from whom does that? I have Foundry and it’s add ons, I don’t think it’s in there… I use Sections Pro and I haven’t noticed it but frankly there’s a lot there in BWD stacks… how do I do these banners that have parallax… is my question…

The key difference is the “appears to move” v “stay still”.

Appears to move is the parallax effect, stay still is a fixed background.

Sections Pro can do the fixed background but does not have a parallax option.

For parallax effects you’d need a separate stack. Shaking the Habitual’s Parallaxer is a great option as it works on mobile too; Joe Workman has one as well but if I remember correctly it doesn’t work on mobile.

There are probably others that I’m not aware of.

Yes, you can do parallax effect with some of Foundry’s stacks. I don’t remember which ones off the top of my head … but it’s there. Certainly in the Banner stack. Ditto for Backgroud stack. Probably others also.

Then I think its because I’ve never used an image that I haven’t seen the likely optional pop up parameters for parallax, just haven’t explored Foundry’s offerings enough, thank you, will look…

Doobox Eternity 2 wil work too

I found it in Foundry’s backdrop which is in one of the optional add on packs that I just got… so that explains it… thanks all, I’ve found one.

It is also available in the Banner stack as @Mathew pointed out. :+1:

I can’t find it in the Banner stack… for that matter when I use an image background it doesn’t display in edit or preview, trying all settings… image dragged from resources… this thing missing in Banner stack is not a problem for me as it is working in the Backdrop stack… just curious, why I dont see it in Banner… when it is there you say Adam, thank you all by the way. I find this effect, set of effects, to be the bomb.

The Foundry Banner stack?

  1. Select banner style to image
  2. Drag the image to the sidebar area
  3. Enable Parallax effect
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It is likely that you’re still on the Color Picker setting for the Banner Style. Set that option in the Banner stack to Image and you’ll get the image settings. You’ve also likely applied your image to the Background settings at the top of the controls palette. These controls are a default part of every stack, but they’re not how you set the Banner’s background image:


Don’t use these controls when setting your background image for Banner.

Looks like @teefers beat me to it! I’m too slow!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m sorry, I found it in the banner stack, you have to select Image as type rather than color picker et al… then the controls show up and the image shows up… my bad… you really got to try all the settings before you post… argh… sorry… your support is great, thank you, yes Doug, exactly as you posted… so sorry I missed it… all is well now… hidden powers… just gotta try all the settings…

In the Stacks API, or at least the part of it that deals with creating the UI for the settings there is support for, and it’s very frequently used, conditionals. So some settings will only appear depending on the context and/or state of some previous setting. Well worth trying all different options to see whether the thing you are looking for is revealed by setting something else to a different state.

The devs do their best, without doubt, to (a) make the UI/settings as simple as possible and (b) make the expected workflow natural and avoid as much as possible having the user ‘double back’ in the settings.

Ever notice that? :wink:

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I notice that things are very well designed in most stacks yes… one thing I wasn’t expecting and so got confused was that the background image is not THE image it deals with most… I wasn’t expecting two images… so that’s why I missed the Image setting as an option where I had it set to color picker… which didn’t make much sense… so it’s just that I missed that second image setting… innocent…

Next version of Banner already has changes in place to clean up the controls palette for the stack a little. :wink:

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