Does Anyone Know.. Scrolling with photo

Does anyone know what I can use to get this effect?

I copied the website that has it, and i’d like to use the same feature to the website I’m building.
When you scroll, you see a image for different categories.

Thank you.

I think you achieve this using Joe Workman’s Parallax stack: also Joe’s Jack stack candy this.

Thanks so much! I appreciate the response. :slight_smile:

If you are using Stacks, there are a few stacks that do this specifically - the one above is an example. One Little Designer has a good looking one as well (can’t recall the exact name). You could mimick this behaviour using background images on Foundation columns or Big White Duck Sections, for example.

There are some themes that have this built in as well. Parallaxis by Archetypon is one. If you search the community site for Parallax, you could see a few examples.

Awesome!! I’ll go ahead and take a look at this as well before purchasing. Thanks again.