Banners put beside header image

I want to put beside 2 banners on right side and on left side of header image.
Take a look to the attach

Header code now is this:

It’s very difficult to help without a bit more information. Can you tell us what theme you’re using and provide a link to the site?


Theme is “Reason”.

Could you (adn anybody) help me?

I don’t know if this is ‘correct’ way to do it, but I got there by putting a three column stack inside Joe Workman’s Houdini Stack (Houdini Stack for RapidWeaver). Put an image stack into each column and then add your three images.

I set the Destination in Houdini to ‘Custom Div’ and typed ‘wrapper’ for the Div ID. I set the location to Top (Prepend).

You’ll have to adjust the columns for small screens but hopefully that gets you most of the way.


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