Do I start with a Theme if I'm using Stacks?

I’m a RapidWeaver 6 newbie, confused about some fundamentals for a new site (despite the tutorials):

(1) If I want to use the Stacks pluggin, do I first have to select a Theme?

(2) If I want to use the Foundation stacks, must I use the Foundation
Theme, or is it possible to use other themes as well?


(1) Yes, the Stacks (capital ‘S’) plugin allows you to use stacks (lower case ‘s’) elements in your web pages and project, but you still need to select a theme to work inside. Whether you use an open design like Foundation, Freestacks, Pure, Bootstrap or Blank… you still need a canvas within which to place your page elements (stacks).

(2) I understand that the Foundation stacks are optimised for use with the Foundation framework - which the Foundation theme itself delivers. You can certainly use non Foundation stacks in the Foundation theme at the probable cost of those optimisations. Not sure whether Foundation stacks would work in other themes (I bet some of them probably would) but I’m sure a Foundation fan (there are plenty here!) will chime in with more specific details.

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You can not use Foundation stacks with other themes, unless the theme is using the full CSS functionality of Foundation. Some theme makers have also used the Foundation framework by Zurb to make themes, but you would need to contact those theme developers and see if they would work. If they are not sure, have them contact us at support(at)joeworkman(dot)net and we will help them out.