Best blogging option with scheduled posts?

I like the rapidweaver blogging page. Its simple and clean. One huge thing I would like is the option of being able to do schedule a future date for a blog that has already been written to post sometime in the future. Similar to what blogger can do. i tried rapid blog, it didn’t work out because I need to pull the RSS feed and it pulls it from blogger and when shared to Facebook it share the website page instead of the individual post.

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Can you not set the date in the rapidweaver blog post to be in the future and thus only show when the date comes around?

I know Armadillo can do this.

Armadillo does this, and I use this feature all the time.

I don’t think the native RW blog allows for this, but I’m not positive.

Native Blog plugin doesn`t. Just shows the post with future date.

I wonder if RW Writer does this? It’s from Blueball Design.

Hi Rob,

Yes RW/Writer does this by both date and time for scheduling one or multiple blog posts. Has from the start.


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