Time Delayed Blog Posts Possible?

Hi, and apologies in advance if this is a very naive question. Is there any plug in or feature set that allows me, as a RapidWeaver user, to put together a few blog posts for timed release, whenever I know I will be out of the office and unable to blog easily for a few days/weeks in a row?

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If you’re using the RW blog plugin, then no. Most of the 3d party solutions will do this for you.

I do use the blog plugin and set things up in advance. Then on publishing day (or the night before), I do a quick upload and I’m done.

This is an option though I hesitate suggesting it… (If you want to stick with the standard RW blog.)

You could export to local folder and then use an FTP timer set to upload the files at the desired time. I did this daily for months with no problems . But I had a lot of trust that my FTP upload would successfully run with no problems.

Sometimes rather than set the entire blog to upload I’d just upload the specific new page and the index page (I used permalinks so I was setting the page name/url myself.) Of course, the archives and such on all other pages would not show the new page until a full upload was done.

It’s been some time since I used the RW blog though… I now use stacks and I setup a “faux” blog that uses an alpha index rather than categories or archive dates.

Total CMS by Joe Workman does this very easily, you can future post your blog posts and when that date comes around they will appear on the blog.

Thank you. I will investigate!

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