Best grid stack for purpose

(Peter Buick) #1

Hi everyone

Was hoping for recommendations on grid stacks to best replicate the grid on this page

Thanks in advance


(Phil) #2

I am sure there will be other suggestions, imho Poster is suitable

(NeilUK) #3

There are a few, but I’ve used Adaptive Grid and Grid before with good results.

Poster would also be a good option also.

(Peter Buick) #4

Thanks Neil. I’ll have a look.

I’ve also come across the GoGrid stack by DeFliGra which looks pretty good (GoGrid Stack RapidWeaver Stack by DeFliGra).

Cheers Peter

GoGrid Stack RapidWeaver Stack by DeFliGra

Responsive multi grid Stack

(Peter Buick) #5

Thanks Phil. Just had a look; nice stack.

(Weavium) #6

Hi there~

We have a pretty great grid stack on the market called Gridinator! We use the stack in all of our example pages, and we can confidently say that it is extremely quick and easy to work with.

Feel free to check it out here:

(Doug Bennett) #7

Definitely looks like a perfect fit for poster stack.
If you’re looking for more than just the basic grid, the sample site if you click on a grid option it launches more detailed information. That’s exactly what poster does best.
Check out the videos on @phi link above.

(Peter Buick) #9

Hi Guys

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Narrows the search somewhat; both could certainly do the job well.

Cheers Peter

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