Responsive Grid Stacks

(Richard Nicholls) #1

Hi folks!
I’m looking to create something that looks very much like for a pseudo blog page.
I am positive I’ve seen a Stack that creates a responsive grid layout just like it but I’ve been trawling the web and my newsletter emails and can’t find it.
So I thought I’d reach out to the community to see if anyone remembers it.
Did I dream it?


(e.g.,) #2

No answer from me, here. Sorry.
Curious: I’m just wondering what a “pseudo blog page” is.

(Richard Nicholls) #3

Because I want to use Stacks in my blog posts as well as Sitelok I’ll make a Stacks page for each blog post rather than RW’s Blog page.
I’ve been tempted to just use Armadillo and maybe Instacks new Poster Stack. But the flexibility of using Stacks to create the layout I’d like seems to win for me at the moment.


(Lisa Sandler) #4

I’m on my phone and can’t see what you mean in the link, but have you seen @willwood’s stacks4stacks Adaptive Grid?

(e.g.,) #5

Thanks. Just curious phrasing.
(You don’t want to ask me about Armadillo right now).

(Paul Russam) #6

For the top bit SectionsPro, for the bottom bit the new blog stack (can’t remember name) that launched this week by instacks(I think)

(Doug Bennett) #7

Agree with @PaulRussam take a look Instacks posterstack

(NeilUK) #8

The Auto Grid stack might also work for the top part

(Gary) #9

Yes Poster stack from inStacks is perfect for the main portion of that site.

(Richard Nicholls) #10

When I first saw the Poster stack I thought my birthday had come early as it seemed exactly what I was looking for.
But having 140 podcast episodes to list seems a lot for just one RW page, although the benefits of tags and categories may outweigh that.
Not sure how it would work with Sitelok though as some of the posts will be private for members only.
It’s no wonder I’m a bit cautious as I don’t want to waste hours of my spare time, but I guess there’s only one way to find out!
Thanks for the advice folks.


(Gary) #11

"Not sure how it would work with Sitelok though as some of the posts will be private for members only. " You just threw a bit of a curve ball there.

(Richard Nicholls) #12

Hence all the deliberation.

1LD’s HangGlider Stacks might be useful as well actually.

More deliberation!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #13

I don’t think 140 blog entries will make a problem.

If you have an example how that layout should look like, I can create a demo for you with that amount of items.