Most flexible Stack for grids, boxes, columns, please?

I’m building a page which needs to have small areas of content arranged in what’s effectively a grid.

Of course it needs to be fully responsive.

Which Stack or Stacks would users recommend that is the most customisable; which has the ability to change:

• number of cells across and down
• gutters, horizontal and vertical… presumably margins
• height, width dimensions of cells

Thanks for your recommendations.

(So far I’ve considered: RW’s built-in Columns; 1LD’s Responsive Grids; Elixir’s Bricks; Joe Workman’s Columnist Grid; Stacks4Stacks QuickColumns.)

Hi Mark,

DeFliGra has some that are worth checking out. If you go to StacksCentral and enter ‘Grid’ in the stacks category and ‘DeFliGra’ in the developer category, you’ll see he has three worthy options.

Of course, you’ll find a wider range of options if you simply enter ‘Grid’ in the stacks category.


You may also want to check out:


If I remember things right Adaptive Grid has the greater number of options, Useful Grid is a bit simpler.

I use Adaptive Grid all the time: first rate.

If you are using my Foundation stacks, the Block Grid and Column stacks inside there are very flexible. A little birdie may have told me that these could be available outside of the Foundation suite pretty soon. :wink:

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Thanks, Marten; that’s a great selection!

Thanks, Joe!

When you see that bird, please give it a peck of tasty, juicy seed from me too…