Best Landing Page Theme

Looking for the best theme to do a quick Landing OPage for an organization. that cannot put up the ‘real’ website until October. A few hero photos and a little copy.

There was one released not too long ago called Splash (and Splash Pro) that were designed for this, I believe:

I believe Yuzool had a couple as well, but they are part of his Bundle now, not stand alone purchases…

You could also use a blank theme and some free stacks (like the Big White Duck Sections Pro, for example) and knock one up pretty quickly

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Could grab the free Foundation theme and use Joe’s Impact stack if you want a slideshow or a video

Thanks for the Sections Pro recommendation. While I may not use it on this I will keep it in mind for future projects.

Realize that I already have Screens but thanks for the Impact suggestions. Love how it does subtle things in columns!

And I will use Screens for this project.


Thanks @jabostick for the mention - there’s landing which is standalone:


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