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Anyone know of a good RW theme that has the banner effect in the home page of this site please:
I do not use Foundation so that is not in scope :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lance

You can do it all in Foundry!

Thanks but no thanks.
Base Foundry is more than $110 down here in Australia.
So that’s Foundry and Foundation out of scope due to the cost :blush:
I’m sure there is a good theme that will do the job.

Howbout Joe’s Impact stack? :slight_smile: It’s not a theme so you can use it virtually on every project if you wish so.

Thanks Tapio and that is the nicest slideshow which I will keep in mind for other projects.

What I am looking for is a static banner that presents full screen (or near to it) on page opening and the content scrolls up over it.

This website shows it perfectly:


I think he is looking for a THEME with that banner effect:

I would try these two developers

I am sure one of those themes would do what you want.

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You’re right! I must learn how to read

Theme with similar banner effects were the confusing part for many. Isn’t there three effects: Image slider, text, and sticky navigation (+ fading banner)? No, matter, with a fellow solution is to be found sooner or later. :slight_smile:

Nick Cates themes came to mind as @zeebe suggested already, especially Clearing theme. I got that one but haven’t used it yet my self. It has animated + parallax banner + sticky drop navigation + hero banner options.

I think many like me though that they do not know any themes with exact same effects and building with few stacks would be the only choice and somewhat cost effective as well.


he’s currently having a spring sale on some of his themes

Thanks everyone for your comments and help.

Looks like Clearing from Nick Cates fits the bill… not exact but very close.


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As nice as Nick Cates themes are (and and I have 5 of them!) It cannot make a site even close to your example site. Foundry plus the Potion pack can make pretty much exactly the site you want with no extra stacks. It is pricey but worth it if you intend taking any other sites in the future. I also have Foundation but you would need the Impact stack to get the same functionality.

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Thanks for the heads up but to purchase Foundry down here in Australia is around $155 so that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Foundation is a bit cheaper but not much. Exchange rates put these items in the luxury category for guys like me who mainly do small budget or pro bono sites.

And also I like to try to support the RW theme and stack developers out there by buying a theme or two or a stack from time to time. They work hard to build cool stuff for RW and they need ongoing support.

That said I do think that Nick Cates Clearing is pretty close to the mark. Might not have all the bells and whistles but certainly will give me a nice site.

Thanks again.


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