Best looking responsive list stack

I am using Foundation and RW 7. I am interested in the best looking stack for making a numbered list.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you

What about Wills “Lister” stack?

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Lister without any doubt.

Thank you both! I will be researching LIster.

And take a look at Simple List Thing - also good.

I am a big fan of the Doobox image list stack:-

The huge advantage of Lister is that you can simply drag in a stack that contains a list, or lists, that you have already made via a text stack, markdown stack, html stack, etc. So you don’t need to recreate a list (if you’ve already done so). Instead you can focus on stylizing that list. So easy to use, so flexible. Really nice.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my request. I settled on Lister.