Recommend a Stack that looks like this?

Hello, i was one of the very first users of RW spent a number of years building sites on the side then took a hiatus. It’s been over five years now i’m back. A lot has changes and i need help finding a stack or even a plugin that looks similar to the image placeholders on this site:

And also the image slider for the header on this page of the same site:

Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward ti building again and conversing with you guys.



The first link you asked about can be built with the stacks that come with the Stacks plugin. Just use an image stack and a one column stack and a text stack.There are stacks that can wrap around this content to make it a clickable link. Then adjust the padding for the text stack. For the second one go over to the Rapidweaver Community Market and search for sliders. There are several to pick from.


Thank you very much Steve!

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My free Placeholder stack has some nice options for placeholder images.

MovingBox should be able to do a slider like that.

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Thanks Joe, I’ll check it out

Ok im buying moving box for the banner images. I had another question on the best way to do this. Have a search bar that will pull up a certain page within your own site.

The Link:

In this site, you type in what city you wish to search in and after entering it takes you to the appropriate city page within your site.

God i used to know how to so all this and now im drawing a blank.

Also, i know i used to use PlusKit on every site, is that addon still viable?


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