Introducing the new Lister stack

The only list stack you need! Quickly convert styled text, Markdown or HTML lists into beautifully stylish lists to compliment your website design. Custom bullet sizes and colours, precise list item indentation and spacing control, Font Awesome icon bullets, nested lists and retina display optimised image bullets are all achievable with Lister stack.

Lister stack is a powerful, purpose-built list stack to use time and time again in all your projects. Easy to use, flexible and expertly developed.

See some examples of what the Lister stack can do and download a free demo version from the Lister product page.

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As usual, nice work @willwood. :slightly_smiling:

Great work. All the positioning you would ever need.

This is great, Will. I can tell from the demo that its worth it even for just the time-saving options like item spacing (no fiddling with code for each list).

The only tiny bummer is that it relies on RW’s buggy creation of lists. Maybe by RW7 this will get fixed.

Will: thanks. This is fantastic!

@Bioguy: Lists are not buggy at all if using the Markdown stack. And they are much easier to create in Markdown. Friends don’t let friends used styled text for lists. :slightly_smiling:

Yeah, that may be true, but it doesn’t mean that bugs (especially what appear to be simple ones) shouldn’t be fixed.

Also, Markdown doesn’t really offer any more functions, its just easy to type. Fewer functions than what the RW styled text dropdown produces, in fact. There isn’t anything in the markdown syntax that I know of that would start the list at a specific number.

What I’d really like is something that can produce more complicated, nested lists like the OP here shows without having to do all the full html code myself.

@Bioguy Yes, I agree with you: bugs should definitely be fixed.

Markdown does make things easier to type: but that added ease is important to me. YMMV.

One of the nice things about Markdown lists is it’s super simple to switch between unordered and ordered lists as Markdown takes its “cue” only from the first item in a list. Have an ordered list and want to make it unordered: switch the first list item to a dash instead of a number. Nothing else need change. Since I have often-enough switched from ordered to unordered (or visa versa) this super easy way to swap out type of list is great for me.

I think there may be some web-based tools to help with more complicated nested lists. I don’t run into those situations, but I certainly see the need for some support for really complicated lists. OmniOutliner used to do a very nice job of exporting to HTML. I no longer use it, but it still might be a viable option for generating your HTML code when lists get very complicated.

Looks great @willwood - Any plans to submit Lister to the community site? (couldn’t see it on there)

I discovered a welcome surprise with the Lister stack. I’m used to stacks that deal with lists only accepting list content. Which makes sense. But … Lister allows me to put in a full chunk of Markdown content (headers, regular paragraphs, multiple lists under various headers) and it will deal only with the list material and leave the non-listy stuff alone. Very very sweet. Of course all the various lists will end up styled the same way (perfectly fine in my case). Nice to know about a list stack that intelligently applies the list property and thus reduces the need to use multiple stacks on a page. Thanks Will.

Thank you @BrandonCorlett, @conger, @Bioguy, @Mathew, @caffeineinjection and others for all for the positive feedback received! :slightly_smiling:

Please send any bug reports relating to styled text formatting direct to Realmac. Unfortunately it is probably not something I have much control over within the stack itself. If anyone is seeing specific issues and can provide clear steps for replicating things, then the bugs might stand a greater chance of getting fixed.

To be honest I’ve never really been a fan of styled text controls in any version of RapidWeaver. I instead much prefer HTML tags where you get an instant visual representation of exactly what formatting is applied to page elements. And more recently the addition of Markdown support in RapidWeaver has been a really nice option too, for composing page content.

Nested lists in Markdown are feasible by indenting a list item by 4 spaces and prepending a hyphen (-) instead of the normal asterisk (*) character. I’ve tested this and it seems to be working well in Lister. I’ve already messaged you some information and for the benefit of everyone else here is the same link that discusses nested lists in Markdown:

Ordinarily I would’ve set the default content type to Markdown in this stack. But because I want to try and continue offering backwards compatibility with RapidWeaver 5 / Stacks 2 for a little while longer, I came to realise Styled Text in the default view would be safer for a majority of users dropping the stack into a page for the first time. Same reason for the Font Awesome icons call being an optional checkbox setting, instead of being automatically detected. Eventually these things probably will get changed when we go Stacks 3 only.

Here’s my predicament - I’ve sent different Realmac team members several emails and messages over the past 6 months or so; regarding screenshot sizes for addon submissions and availability of a suitable (Realmac approved) PSD template to use. But sadly I’ve failed to get any reply to my messages. The last message sent was a direct message to Nik through these forums on 6th January, but again I got no reply back to my questions.

In light of the fact I’ve already had addons rejected from your website, I would like to ensure I’m not wasting my time with submitting more addons that are going to get bounced back to me. Any response to my messages would be greatly and much appreciated. Unfortunately it seems like Realmac team members have also unfollowed me on Twitter too, so I’m in a difficult position of not knowing who I can talk to or where. :cry:

Yes that’s correct. Lister is only interested in lists, so any other content placed within the stack is safely ignored and continues to work the same as before. This should hopefully mean you don’t need to cut pages up into lots of different stacks. Lists can continue to contain elements like headings, links, images, bolder text and italics.

Very interesting and that is a welcome surprise.

I initially started using Styled Text but soon realised that the Markdown option is the way to go. The pixel positioning for warehoused images is another really big feature.

Thanks @willwood. I didn’t mean to derail your announcement. This stack is fabulous. I was literally grinning when testing out the image bullets. So simple, yet so many options.

It’s a nice idea but I don’t know how I could interface something like that. Traditionally a list is a group of items that all share the same styling. We have no way of knowing how many list items (or nested items) you might have.

I think the most I could do is to is include some Javascript with the stack that will loop through your list items and give each one a unique ID. Then you could write CSS code to target specific list items.

There is another stack at the planning stage currently which is going to combine Font Awesome icons with blocks of text. That might be worth holding out for instead.

No worries, I just wanted to avoid any confusion and ensure any bug reports go to the correct places!

Like in most of my stacks, I simply enter %text% to tell Stacks and RapidWeaver where a person should be allowed to enter styled text. Beyond that point, it is outside of my control what goes into that space or the markup generated for things like lists.

I see there has been a powerful new feature added to Lister.

Can’t understand a word he said… sorry.

You can turn up the volume on your computer or switch on subtitles if you are hard of hearing. Controls are in the YouTube toolbar (on the main YouTube website).

Sorry not want as a slam… I just don’t understand your accent. No need to be nasty.


With due respect, Will is a very helpful, positive and kind person. He most certainly was not being ‘nasty’.

Admittedly I’m a native British English speaker, but - even without CC (Closed Caption) - I found Will’s commentary totally clear and comprehensible.

I can also guarantee that you’ll get nothing but outstanding service from this developer, with whom, BTW, I have no other relationship than as a satisfied customer! Good luck :slight_smile: