Obvious discovery I made about page loading speed

(Larry B) #1

Okay everyone, I may be the only one who was doing this wrong, and if I am, silly me but… I just figured out that a web page is downloaded from the server starting at the top and going to the bottom. Kind of obvious and intuitive correct? The issue is that I had a bunch of light boxes and other stuff packed at the top of my RW project. As such, it would load those pieces first, which took a lot of time, thus adding more time to render the stuff that I wanted to show right away. None of those pieces will be needed until someone clicks for them, long after the full page has loaded. Simple rule of thumb - put all the immediately unnecessary stuff at the bottom, your pages will render much faster on the screen! To all your professional coders - am I correct about this? Any other thoughts or tricks to speed things up would be truly appreciated…

(Will Woodgate) #2

This is what’s referred to as “render blocking scripts” when you do a speed test.

(Larry B) #3

I never knew there would be technical term for not being smart about basic design. Thanks for the new jargon! :slight_smile: