Best option for sharing a Rapidweaver file?!

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I am about to train someone else in how to maintain a site I currently am working on, so they can do day to day file updates etc - but obviously we both would want access to the same project file - does anyone have any suggestions of the best way to do this?

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The easiest way is probably a shared Dropbox folder.

Whatever method you use, the Notes Stack can help you document the project changes or even the project version, for instance with a simple Date/Time entry.

If you are going to share a project file using any of the cloud-based services like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Sync, etc make sure you zip the file and copy it to the cloud drive.

Don’t try and open and update the project from the cloud drive directly

Folks seem to get a lot of corrupted (unusable) projects that way.

Also each user will need to purchase, all their own copies of each addon used.


@chatwood I’m not sure there is a best way, but there are definitely things to avoid. Dropbox, done carefully, can work as others have noted.

Another option is to use the Repository stack. Makes an easy internal to the website FTP kind of location. Because Repository allows you to create multiple folders this can also be a location to share your assets: probably mainly images, but maybe other things as well. If you use the remote image option in many image-based stacks then Repository provides you with a handy copy-URL button.

Whether using Dropbox or Repository or something else: I’d suggest using a naming convention that “archives” the work. So if the project is: mywebsite, then the latest version of it might be renamed This will help to avoid catastrophes or “misunderstandings”.

It might also be useful to take advantage of the backup function with RW. As long as one or both of you are comfortable using something like Transmit for FTP then it’s always possible to download your project from the web if all goes wrong.

Mainly, however, this takes having a very organized approach. Most humans are not highly organized … so having a clear shared understanding between the 2 of you is critical. Otherwise … well you already know what might happen. :slight_smile:


Just a note that most RapidWeaver addons and stacks are licensed per user. Therefore, if you are using 3rd party addons to build this project. The other user will need to also have purchased copies of all addons.

All of my stacks at licensed per user with the exception of Total CMS. Total CMS is licensed per domain.

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