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A colleague and I wish to rebuild an old website. We are both RW users but are at different locations. I will do the pages and framework of the new site, he will populate with words and photos. Is it possible for us to put the files on, say Dropbox and for us both to access (not at the same time) and work on the project? Or is there another way of sharing development without going down the CMS route?

There may be several ways to do this but … I would consider using the Repository stack by @instacks

If you have not used it before, Repository lets you create a username/password protection for the page. (It also lets you use Sitelok if you already have it.) Easy to upload anything. To organize into different folders. And to copy links to use on the public pages.

More here:


The key here ”not at the same time” . You can easily use a lot of tools to pass the project file back and forth. Most of the Dropbox style services offer different “team sharing tools” on their paid plains that can help you out.

With just two people it’s probably easy to just manually coordinate who “owns” the project file at any given point in time. Unfortunately RapidWeaver project files don’t really work with any sort of version control systems like “git” that allow concurrent development.

You both would of course need to own RapidWeaver and all needed themes, plugins and stacks as they’re licensed per user.


Thanks. will have a look at this.

Thanks, for this. Yes, it is a bit of a Heath Robinson approach but will serve the purpose. Have already done a test file and it seems to be working for both users.

Ah … I misunderstod what you were trying to do. Dropbox will probably work just fine.

I was thinking one of you would do the Rapidweaver “stuff” while the other would upload images/text files to be used inside the project. The advantage of this approach is that both of you don’t need RW and any relevant stacks, etc.

Taking advantage of RW’s backup feature may really help for protection. In projects where I’m working intensively I create a set of archived project files. E.g. I change the name everyday, or every week, or whatever is relevant. Then when things get backed up I have a set of archived backups on my server that I can download if/when something goes amiss.

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