Rapidweaver for small team

I’m aware this subject has popped up in the past but I’m interested in the best way currently to share a Rapidweaver development environment with a small team.

I have around 100 RW projects and need one or two other people to help edit and maintain these from their own macs either in the office or remotely. I’m happy to pay for extra licences but don’t want the hassle of keeping stacks and plugins separately on different machines if this is avoidable.

Most recent projects are in Foundation 6 or Source. However there are a LOT of older projects built with all sorts of themes and stacks. so…

Where to store themes, projects & addons?
Risks and pitfalls?
What are the licensing issues around this?
Anything else…

All experience and thoughts welcome. Thanks

I’d make sure everyone has their own copy of RapidWeaver and all the addons they need installed locally. RapidWeaver will make sure all the addons are kept up-to-date so there’s no worries there (I mean you could store them in a shared Dropbox, but this is potentially risky).

All your projects could live in something like GitHub, (GitTower is a nice GUI client for this). The anyone can check out a project and check back in the changes.

You’d have to watch out for conflicts though. e.g. It wouldn’t be a good idea for multiple people to work on the same project then all try and check back in changes. This is due to RapidWeaver being document based. Just make sure only a single person edits and checks back in their project at any one time.

This has the benefit of giving you a nice history, and you can roll back any changes should things go funky.

That’s what I’d do anyway, but perhaps other people have some good suggestions or more information on this in the real world…


UPDATE… I just did a search on this and you could use Dropbox for all of it (this is the simplest solution, maybe) just make sure users “lock” the file before they edit it and unlock it when they are done. More details here on that: https://help.dropbox.com/files-folders/share/file-locking

If you do go that route please please make sure you do double back-ups* of everything as if multiple people edit the same file it could make the project corrupt.

*Don’t forget to enable RW’s own backup feature so the project file gets uploaded to the server.


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