Best Practices for Drop Down Menus

What is the best practice for making 1st level dropdown menu items inactive? I’m using the Navigation stack from @yuzool a lot and was curious what people were doing to keep visitors from going to a blank page. I usually create an Offsite page in RW, turn that page into a blank theme and direct the link to an active page.


I tend to use the NoLink stack from Marathia.


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I was using the Redirect stack from DL prior to RW’s upgrade.

The notes on Marathia’s page says it doesn’t work well with Foundation and most of my projects lately have been in Foundation.

If you’re using Foundation, just name the page <header>Page Name</header>.


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Doing that with the Navigation stack drops the dropdown icon below the page name.

Sorry, I incorrectly assumed you were using the Foundation Top Bar.

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I use yuzool Navigation with an offsite page - works.

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Great use of offsite page by @DaveFox and @dropgates

Also Eric - if you use “hover” the “doable parent item” option might be what you are looking for?


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