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I’m building a new site in Rapidweaver 7 using the Foundry theme and I wonder what to do with the parent page that becomes invisible after child pages are added to it in the menu. Because the parent page become unclickable, do I need to put anything on it for SEO? Can I leave them blank. What’s the best solution?


I’m a little disappointed no-one has answered your question. I think it’s a valid question and one I’d like to know the answer to.

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Hey there @Laurie

You can leave it just as it is and you’ll be good to go. Bots will follow index the sub pages as normal.

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This is somewhat related.
I would like to know how force a parent page link to be unclickable.
The theme I use leaves the parent link active even when the child pages drop down on hover.

It might be helpful if you gave the theme you are using and/or a URL to at least a test page.
When you say “unclickable” and “active” I’m not sure what exactly you’re looking for here. If you want a dummy link (just for navigation), you can try using an offsite page with the URL set to # for the “parent page”. The page doesn’t really exist will just trigger the dropdown.

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It’s the Ruby theme. You can see the site here:

The headings, Galleries, Past Art, Photoshop, Photos all have dropdown menus.
I have linked basic pages in the event someone clicks the heading by mistake.
I know some RW themes automatically make the parent heading unclickable when child pages are installed.
It would be nice if there was some additional code that could be used to achieve this.

IMO, I would actually leave the way it is. works both ways and may actually be easier on a mobile device.

That being said it can be done in most themes as Doug mentioned above.

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