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I’d like to recreate my personal website ( using Rapidweaver and Foundry, and I was wondering if you can recommend a stack with which I can recreate the top navigation bar? I’ve found stacks that will write the site title and pages, but not anyone that include drop-downs so I can add a hierarchy of pages. Any recommendations?

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Maybe this:

Clean Menu could do it.

The folks who make Clean Menu seem to be much more active than Yuzool. I’d definitely check them out first.

Foundry navigation stacks do drop-downs. But it seems you want multiple layers of drop-downs.

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Foundation 6 can do that with no additional addons.

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Why not use the foundry navigation stacks like navbar pro or mega menu?

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I’ve just realised you have Foundry which comes with Nav Bar and Nav Bar Pro so the drop downs are already possible with what you have.

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If you already have Foundry 2 then check out Nav Bar Pro.

If you have Foundry Potion Pack then have a look at Mega Menu.


Yuzool is becoming a lot more active with a new guy on board. As I understand, there is a lot of work behind the scenes updating things. Fingers crossed.

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Wow, thank you all so much for the really good answers. :slight_smile: This was really helpful, so many good alternatives :slight_smile: I’ll be flying in no time :slight_smile:

3: Acacia

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