Best simple responsive blog?

(Andrew Tyzack) #1

I’m looking for a responsive blog Stack for a simple news page. Armadillo looks good but costs a bit more than I’d like to pay and I don’t need CMS anyway. I also don’t really want to have to start a Wordpress blog or anything like that. Any suggestions please?



(Ryan Smith) #2

@Beeswax – Are you working with Foundation or another theme that requires all pages to be Stacks? I ask because RapidWeaver’s Blog page is responsive, simple and free. If you do require a simple and inexpensive stack, then Joe Workman’s Tumblr Stack might be worth looking into.

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(Brandon Scott Corlett) #3

Armadillo is a great tool and worth the cost IMHO.

However, If you are looking for something a bit simply, quick, and easy they @ryanbsmith’s suggestion to use @joeworkman’s Tumbler Stack is a nice solution.

There are many ways to go about this. If you provide some more specific features and/or benefits that you are look for in your solution the we may be able to hone in on a specific product for you.


(Andrew Tyzack) #4

I’m used to using the RW blog, but it doesn’t work in a Stack page. RW blog is basically what I’m looking for? Text and images, sometimes embedding Youtube videos etc. Just an occasionally updated news page with an archive in the sidebar. I’ll have a look at the Tumbler Stack.



(kris ) #5

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(Eric Bowers) #6

There’s always

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #7

And here the Stack for

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #8

There is also a DeFliGra stack that will import a blog, just can not remember the name and can not find it on their site.

(Charlie Lockhart) #9

Hi Andrew,

Have you had a look at our RW/Writer blog stacks and web app service. RW/Writer should do exactly what you are asking for on your Stacks page. You can find out more here:


(Jena) #10

What do you mean RW/Writer won’t work in a Stacks page? That is where I use it and have had no issues. I have found that certain themes, especially BLT will take away bullet points and numbers, but it still works. If you need to embed tweets, instagram posts, and other more complicated blog coding, I don’t see it working, but for the basics it has worked for me.

Joe Workman’s Tumblr app is great too and can fit in a side bar even or across the whole page…easy to use from a smartphone for new additions

(Andrew Tyzack) #11

Thanks for your replies - I’m in a bit of a rush and need to get a particular site live asap, so in addition to my first question it would be better if I didn’t have lots of settings to get my head around to get the thing to work. Which is something I can struggle with until I get familiar.