Best Video Stacks

(Franklyn Spence) #1

Hi Everyone. I’m in the midst of creating a new website that will over time have a lot of short videos on it. I need to be able to organize the videos so people can find what they are looking for. I’m wondering if there is a good stack for this? Also any tips on what is the best way to do this. Should a youtube channel be created with links to the videos? Any advice appreciated. I’m rather new to this so please keep it strait forward. Using the “open” theme by Nick Cates Design Thanks

(Michael Frankland) #2

Not sure if this helps @franklyn - but our Video Stack runs a playlist under the video browser:

(Rob Beattie) #3

That looks good @yuzool, and so does this -

There are arguments for and against self-hosting video. You’ll need more space, more server ‘oomph’ and more bandwidth, if you’re going to have lots of visitors, but on the plus side, the videos are under your control and won’t suddenly stop working.

But hosting them on YouTube and Vimeo has advantages too - mainly that they bear the load of storing and serving the videos.

Kind of depends on what you want.


(Jason Bostick) #4

You could also use something like Hunter (Doobox) or Filter (Yabdab) that will allow for easy sorting once you have a lengthy list of videos.

(Ian Lynch) #5

I use Vimeo Wall by Joe Workman The videos are warehoused on Vimeo and organised into “albums” that my client self-manages. All I do is add pages that call up the Vimeo album number. Of the various sort options available I simply present them as most recent upload first.

(Rob Beattie) #6

Nice. How are you doing the pop over captions for the video thumbnails?


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

That is done with Joe’s TipTip Stack
There is a FAQ about it here

(Ian Lynch) #8

As zeebe says. Again client self manages. As an aside, this solution is quite simple but the magnitude of the difference to my client’s business is enormous now that he can manage the content himself. I get occasional requests for new categories and the like but that’s about it. Previously he was paying for pretty much every change no matter how minor.

(Ian Lynch) #9

ps. Tiptip is just picking up the Vimeo description field that my client fills in.

(Rob Beattie) #10

Thanks. That’s very neat.