Say Hello to Vimeo Gallery

**Showcase your videos from Vimeo** The Vimeo Gallery Stack allows you to easily display a bunch of recently uploaded videos from a channel of your choice on your website. The Stack is also very easy to set up so you don’t have to mess around with the settings for too long. The Stack is perfect if you’re having a portfolio website for example to showcase your work or the work of one of your clients.

**Automatically updates its content** Vimeo Gallery regularly checks if new videos have been uploaded to Vimeo on the channel you provide. The Stack also refreshes its content on your website, so that it always shows the newest content, even if you’re not making any changes to the Stack in RapidWeaver.

**Click to watch** Once you click on a video thumbnail you’ll be redirected to Vimeo where you can watch the video in full length at any time. This also gives your site visitor the possibility to watch your other videos.

**Customizable, Retina and Responsive** Vimeo Gallery ships with some customization options, you can change the amount of recently uploaded videos that should be displayed, the size of the thumbnails and the name of the channel you’d like to present videos from of course. The Stack is also Retina ready and responsive, so it looks perfect on mobile devices, especially on iPhones and iPads.

**Lightweight and blazing fast** The Vimeo Gallery Stack fetches its video thumbnails from the Vimeo servers, so you don’t have to store them on your own host. Since the Stack is using Vimeo’s API directly, it’s also loading the thumbnails blazing fast.

Learn more about the Vimeo Gallery Stack today.

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Wondering about your stack and I hate to do this on your announcement, but you call it Vimeo Gallery in this announcement, but in your video on your site, in the Stacks Library you call it Vimeo Wall.

Joe has had a Vimeo Wall stack since 2012 (see here). Wondering if this will cause conflicts if people have both stacks.

We’ve been using another name in the prototype of the Stack which is indeed the same name of Joes Stack, yes. The official version that is being offered uses the name Vimeo Gallery, especially in the plist. So there won’t be any conflicts if people install our Stack in combination with Joes :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it! Hope you do well with it!