Beta tester sign up?

I am sorry if I missed the thread somewhere. If Realmac is in need of additional testers for every 7.x and 7.x.x please sign me up. It is being tested right? Every, every, every change is tested I assume. I don’t know that I can keep up with days that new versions come out back to back but maybe more testers will make that uneccessary

Thewre is an option built in to RW:


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I was thinking something more formal, like don’t release it until RM hears from us – yes or no. I was just thinking too many versions are going out not ready for prime time and that I might be able to help in that regards.

That check box notification I see all the time, issues are reported but not fixed so I figured the feature was not reliable.

EDIT: I should say it seems to me, I don’t know what the real numbers are.