🔥 We need your help with RapidWeaver 7!

(Dan) #1

Bonjour Weavers,

We’d like some of you guys and gals to help up beta test RapidWeaver 7 :tada:

If you’re interested and like living on the edge, please email dan@realmacsoftware.com with the subject line of “RapidWeaver 7 Beta” and I’ll add you to the list!

You can expect to receive the beta sometime next week.

Once I’ve received enough emails I’ll remove this thread, so hurry…


(Lang) #2

Up for testing beta version as long as Rapidweaver 7 is ultimately to be a free update.

(Dan) #3

Rapidweaver 7 will be a paid upgrade, but there will be a discount for existing users :slight_smile:

(Lang) #4

I was just living in hope. Do send the beta version of version of 7. Happy to give it a go. I hope it
has a built in rehab programme for stack addiction.

(Dan) #5

If you’d like to take part in the beta, please send me an email and i’ll add you to the list.


(Dan) #6

As we’re nearing the release of RapidWeaver 7, we’re looking for a few more beta testers…

If you’d like to help us test RW7 and get a little discount at launch, drop me an email - dan@realmacsoftware.com

Happy Weaving!

(Dan) #7


Hi Dan,

I’ve sent you a second email about this. If you don’t get it, please let me know as I’d like to take part!


(John Wilbur) #9

At my skill level and with my hardware I find just using RapidWeaver 6 is constantly living on the edge, at least as close as I want to get for now :wink:

(Douglas Lee) #10

Hi Dan
I would be interested in helping you with the Beta of Rapidweaver 7.



(Murat Pulat) #11

I can use beta version, I will send an email…

(Andrea Vitali) #12

What’s the status? I could try as well.


Don’t hold your hopes up. I’ve not heard anything back yet from @dan and I’ve asked twice. :disappointed:

(Andrea Vitali) #14

If I get it, I get it. If not, then I’ll get it when it is going to be released :wink:

(bart vosters) #15

Same here. Also asked twice, but no response.

(Dan) #16

If you emailed me your email address, you’re on the list.

We’ve not sent out a beta to recently added testers just yet, we have around 30+ new people in that group.
Everyone can expect the latest beta sometime next week.

Stay tuned.



Fingers crossed Dan. Thanks.

(David Serrano) #18

I want to thank you Dan.

…have a Realmac Happy Day!!!

(Mark C) #19

Hi Dan,
Love to join Rapidweaver 7 beta group.

(Rico IJntema) #20

I would like to join the rapidweaver 7 group.