Big White Duck - Animation Issue

Hi, I am quite excited about the Big White Duck stacks that I recently downloaded. I am trying to learn how to use them following some of the really helpful web demos. However, I am struggling to get the Ken Burns zoom animation to work on the background image. I’m trying to mimic the simple use case of a hover image shown on this page

I have spent a long time on this so I assume I am misunderstanding something basic.

I have the following stacks
Sections Pro (which has my background image)
Header Pro. (which has my text ready for animation trigger)
Overlay [Color] (ready for the animation trigger)
Animate Elements [ANIMATE: Section Background]
Animate Elements [ANIMATE: Background Overlay Layer] (which works fine on hover)
Animate Elements [ANIMATE: Section Dropzone Contents] (which displays the text on hover)

The ANIMATE: Section background is set:

Apply to Background
Start Effects: Hover
Transition time: 500ms
Delay: 0ms
Easing Function: Ease - In - Out
Filter: No filter
Motion Effect: Ken Burns
Zoom Scale: 1.0. 1.2
Origin: 50% 50%

Did you download the Learn Sections demo project? The page that you refer to is in that project and you can simply copy and paste the hover image if you wish (or use it as a reference for the settings).
The download is available from the DOWNLOADS button on the product page.

If you are still stuck then feel free to either drop me an email to BWD support.

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Thank you so much Andrew. I even had the demo project open. Well on the way now.

Thanks again


You’re welcome. Drop me a line if you ne e to

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