BIGGER Bullets?

Hello - I’ve created a list that uses Bullets in front of each point.

I would like to make the Bullets much bigger than the point size of the text.

I can increase the point size of the individual bullets but they move up
higher from the base line with each incremental increase in point size,
to the point where they get too high and start to look un-associated
with the line of text they are intended to direct attention to.

Is there a way to keep the bullets properly positioned to the line of text
while obtaining a BIG bullet of what ever size one wants the bullet to be ?

Thank You to who ever can help :slight_smile:

How are you creating the bullets Paul - using the Styled text page type, Stacks or what?


@Mr.Paul The most control you’ll get over lists is to use the wonderful Lister stack:

Otherwise I think your options are pretty limited.

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Styled Text - just a bullet / space / sentence.

Return for a line space and repeat .

Thank you Mathew - I looked into your suggestion of using the Lister stack -
there’s a youtube vid about it and it looks nice -
Which means I’ll have to install STACKS ?
As in purchase STACKS -

I have RW Version 7.5.7 - and I think the latest version is past 8
and calls for OS 10.12.

My OS 10.11.6 El Capitan -
Do you know if there is there a version of Stacks
available for my system & version of RW ?

The current version of stacks (4.1.x) will work with RW7, however the next version 4.2 will drop RW7 support.

Stacks v4.2 will drop RapidWeaver 7 support.

And I should have asked, what theme are you using? If you have a URL to a live site that helps too in case people here who want to help don’t have that particular theme.


Hi Rob - it’s VOYAGER theme -
Navigate to SERVICES -
The list of services …

Is 4.2 imminent and when it is out, will 4.1 still be available ?
Thanks Doug.

I think you’re better off investing in Stacks and getting a ‘proper’ list stack which will give you more control in the long run. Once you’ve nailed down which version you need for your setup.

4.2 of stacks isn’t that far off, but you can always get the latest version(and all versions) that RW7 will support here

As was mentioned. All previous versions are available in our archive. But yes, v4.2 is quite imminent. I’m just waiting to get a bit more feedback from some specific testers before I push the button to send it out to everyone.


I’ve downloaded and installed the STACKS DEMO .

I see it there - and can launch a STACKS page -
but I cant seem to do Anything !!
Not even a text cursor .
So before I waste anymore time mucking about with this Demo,
I should ask :
Is there any functionality in the Demo ?
Does it actually do anything ?
Or is it just a PROMO Prompt with zero functionality intended to
prompt purchase ??

You should be abel to create and edit Stack pages with the demo version. A Stacks page is built by adding “stacks” which allow you to add different types of content to the page (Text, Images) and to create different layouts (1 Column, 2 Columns, etc.). You add these “stacks” by showing the library and then dragging the stack type you want to the area on the Stacks page. The Library button toggles the display of the “stacks” library.

All of the settings for each “stack” are available in the right-hand inspector under the “Page” pane.

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 10.08.45 AM

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I have all of that and did all of that - but how do you get a type cursor to show up so you can even add anything ???

Drag a Text stack from the library to the area that says “Drop stacks here.”

There are two main “types” of stacks. Layout stacks that allow you to add additional stacks into them and “content” stacks that allow you to add content (text, images, etc.). You need a “content” stack that allows the type of content you want.

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I have made some headway - got some type to show up -

Is it possible to have a stack within layout of a styled text page ?
or do you only get to start a page as a STACK, if you want to use STACKS,
and then keep all of the editing of that page within the STACK ?

In RW, you have several page types avalable. Stacks can only used on a “stacks” page type. You cannot use them on a “Styled Text” page type.

The “Text” stack is styled text. So if you want to use styled text on a stacks page you can put it within the text stack.