Bulleted list produces multiple bullets one fore each level of indent

I use bulleted lists in several websites using Rapidweaver 7

Using a Styled Text page, the bullet list works normally for level 1 bullets. Nested bullets, level 2 and beyond result in one bullet being rendered for each level of indent: 1 for level 1; 2 for level 2, etc.

I have tried:
Stacks with a Text Stack: same problem.
Stacks with a Pargraph Stack - same problem
Stacks with Lister Stack - same problem

In Jan 2018 there was a topic which mentioned a problem with Styled Text lists. There was a consensus that it was a Bug. There was no resolution.

Note: Markdown Stack seems to work fine with multiple levels of nested lists but the text formatting is limited.

Lister Stack provides a lot of flexibility but since it starts with a Styled Text base, it too suffers from this multiple bullet problem.

Note: I tested this with all 56 Themes I have access to and the problem with all that will allow a bulleted list – there is some variation in exact rendering but still too many bullets for levels 2 + of lists. Paragraph and Lister Stacks are all affected in similar way with each Theme.

Take a look at this: http://ibize.com/list/

I’m not understanding your problem. Use the Lister stack with Markdown. Works completely fine and it’s a great combo. Have you tried?

Use Markdown. Your lists will look much nicer.


The following is a link to my test website which demonstrates the problem (as requested by Matthew, above).


Yes, I have (as demonstrated in the test website, above) that Markdown will produce nice lists but the formatting of plain text lines when intermixed with bulleted lists is not user friendly.

If the Rapidweaver developers have been aware of this Bug, It would have been nice for them to acknowledge it (at least made it a FAQ) and thus have saved me (and many many others) a lot time wasted; or simply remove it as a function.

A really good fix for the problem would have been even better.

I’m also puzzled with how the developer of the Lister Stack could market a product which is rendered useless by this Bug??? This leads me to believe the Bug is a recent development???


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Okay, I still don’t know what you mean by markdown lists don’t intermix well with plain text. Markdown does a beautiful job of this!

Perhaps you have not read up on Markdown or how to do lists in markdown. One key feature is you must have at least one line break between regular text and beginning of a list. (You can have more line breaks: it won’t make any difference to the output.) And you must have at least one line break after the end of a list. (Once again, you can have more if you want: it won’t impact styling).

Here’s a link to a page with 2 types of markdown lists. Regular and another one using Lister. Lister is really for styling your lists, not really for creating them.

See here:

If this is not what you meant, then provide more detail instead of general statements.

I appreciate your responses. It caused me to do some more homework on Markdown to find the tools I need for my purposes. I can now add bold and color to text to suite my needs. It just is not as user friendly as highlighting the text and selecting parameters (color, bold, etc.) as one can in Styled Text plain text strings.

I don’t quite follow your comment: Lister is really for styling your lists, not really for creating them.
As I have read, Lister works on the Styled Text bulleted list “tool”. If this has a bug and renders two bullets for a single indent list element – then the list styled with Lister will show the same problem as in the example I posted on the sample website link.


Yes, markdown may not be as “user friendly” at first blush. I understand. But it’s 100% reliable (that counts for something) and it’s much quicker than the styled text approach because you can do everything you need via your keyboard. (No highlight with mouse then choosing one thing or another.) But it was a bit slower for me at first. After a couple of weeks it was MUCH faster.

Lister works on styled text OR markdown. Under Lister Settings there is a box for Content Type. Click on that and you can select Markdown instead of Styled Text. You also have some other options.

Yes, Lister can’t do anything to correct mistakes made by styled text. So if there was a mistake/bug before you start with Lister, then that bug will remain after using Lister. It’s the old GIGO: garbage list going in, garbage list going out. :slight_smile:

… thus my comment: Lister doesn’t fundamentally change the list (for good or bad) but it changes it’s appearance: icons, indent levels, and a wide variety of other styling options.

Here’s a really nice online Markdown editor https://stackedit.io/app#

You can format (bold, italic etc) much like you would in a text editor and it does the syntax. It also dynamically previews your content.

Once your happy simply copy/paste it into RW or even better the BWD Scribe (Markdown) stack

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this - we have a fix in the latest beta that should solve this problem!

Thanks for the note. It is good to know that RealMac is responsive to bug reports.

Because of the problem I reported with StyledText and bulleted lists and with the advice of Mathew, I have developed a cheat-sheet / Markdown Stack page that lays out all the tools I use most frequently to build the webpages for the sites I run.

It has been included as the last menu item on the test website I created to demonstrate the original problem:


Inserting Images:
It is interesting to note that I found two methods for inserting an image in a Markdown Stack page:

One way is to use the standard Markdown instruction for image insertion. HOWEVER I discovered almost by accident that in order for the image to render on the active website the instruction must include two period characters before the initial / of the path to the image file. Without them an incorrect path is apparently created by Rapidweaver and then the server can’t find the image file.

Note: this method renders properly on the active website – but only shows an empty box in Preview mode. This seems to be unaffected by the mode for links selected (Settings/General/Advanced/Link addressing). Another bug it would appear…

The second is to use a Rapidweaver resource macro to do it – just as you would use on a Styled Text page or a Text Stack page.

This renders correctly in Preview mode and on the active website.

NB: In a previous thread, I reported a bug I encountered in the use of the Rapidweaver resource macro for image insertion on a webpage. I found that it seemed to work randomly, sometimes doing the job perfectly and sometimes not.

I carefully inspected the html code created from Edit mode text. I found that the resources macros that did not work properly had extraneous html formatting instructions inserted within the resource macro - making it gibberish. There was no evidence of this formatting to the writer in Edit mode.

I have managed to make the resource macro work as it should by:

  1. typing a resource macro as plain text.
  2. verifying that this worked in Preview mode.
  3. verifying that this worked on the actual site.
  4. using this macro as a template for all other image resource macros on the site – BUT modifying it as necessary ONLY by erasing and retyping characters as required to cite the correct image and path.

This seems to indicate that using copy and paste within a resource macro is activating bug.

The bug is active in both the Styled Text page and the Styled Text Stack.

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