Nested lists using Styled Text controls is not working

Hey - Anyone noticing the Styled Text controls in the bottom toolbar to create nested lists is not working? You get two bullet points instead of an indent then a bullet point? Thanks

Yep, I get that here on three different themes from different devs as well.

I don’t use the Styled Text page type any longer so hadn’t spotted this but it looks like a bug.

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confirmed in Styled Text pages and submitted to @dan and @simon as a bug report via email.

Yes it a bug. I was pulling out my hair the other day when I tried to create a bullet list or remove the numbered list after I c/p it over from Word.

When I remove the numbered list, it get replaced with bullet and cannot be removed.

The bug is a problem and needs to be fixed. But a reminder: you make your life much easier if you learn the basics of markdown. Takes less than 1 hour. Zippo problems with markdown stack (or markdown page). Indent to your heart’s delight! Plus headings, bold, blockquotes, etc. are all much easier and reliably positioned.

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yes. markdown. +1
makes this sort of thing a sooooo much easier.

(and it even works here on forum)

  • one
  • two
  • three
    • four
    • five
    • six


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Markdown solves soooo many problems. It even solves lots of potential problems with lists. For example, let’s say I change my mind and I want my 20 list item to be unordered instead of ordered. What a pain to change everything! With markdown all I need to do is change the first item (change from “-” to any number). And with markdown you don’t need to number things correctly. It’s list-smart. If your list goes 1, 5, 23, 54, 2 and so on it will still number it correctly: 1,2,3, etc. And you can combine ordered and unordered with zero problems.

Will’s wonderful Lister stack essentially requires the markdown stack in order to use it. And that gives you a ton of additional flexibility when it comes to lists.

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FYI, I’m getting this on a stacks page as well. I was in a rush this morning before work so I’ll double check tonight but it was a stacks page, paragraph pro (big white duck), in the Marvel theme.

(The Markdown stack was acting a bit funky too but, again, I didn’t have a ton of time to properly play around with it)

Jason: I don’t know what you mean by “funky” but there are a couple of key things to keep in mind when using Markdown and lists:

  1. a list needs a line break before and after it begins/ends. This means that a list should not look like it begins on the next line after the previous content. There should really be a blank space.
  2. markdown (unlike Word, etc.) does not make a distinction between 1, 2, 3 line breaks. That is, things don’t end up spaced further apart. If in doubt, or still seeing funkiness, simply add another line break before/after your list.

The funkiness was that it wasn’t taking on any bullet styles, it was just asterisks. It also gave me a full border around the box, which I hadn’t applied.

I imagine those other two issues are either some carelessness on my end or something to do with the theme’s css (and thus different from this original thread’s issue). I’ll try and get some screenshots/url’s this evening though

Also helpful to have a URL if possible. For unordered lists: were you using dashes (-) or asterisks (*)? Both should work, but just double checking.

Full border has nothing to do with markdown. But it’s certainly possible a specific theme has a very particular style for lists. Not sure about that in the case of Marvel.

You can see it here: at the very bottom of the page.

However, this is how it looked after I went into my cpanel/file manager at lunch and played around with things. The attached screenshots show a before/after I made the edits. Take a note of the ‘pre-code’ and ‘code’ settings in the inspector.
I had to track those down in the theme css. So it was just a stop-gap fix, I’ll either use a different stack or look at things more closely when i have time.



Again, disclaimer that I very easily could have missed something in my rush this morning, so not claiming a bug in stacks or anything just yet. But it’s there for your info/interest

The styled text subsystem in RapidWeaver is used in every type of page that uses styled text, that includes Stacks, blogs, and… well, pretty much every page (but not HTML or Markdown).

The Styled Text page type is just a page-wrapper around the styled text system. And similarly, the Text stack is just a stack-wrapper around the same system.

So if there’s a bug in a Styled Text page, you’ll always be able to see that same bug inside of a Text stack as well.


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Again, Markdown will solve this problem.

… but I’m also noticing your first two lists aren’t really styled nicely. When a list point runs over one line it does not nicely indent.

… if you do lists often for different kinds of things you really may want to consider using the Lister stack. Gives you great flexibility (and FontAwesome). More here:

Attached is one Lister example. I can control bullets, spacing between items, size of text, and much more.

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