Black dot in header appears after scrolling down

My website is still in the ‘test’ (beta) fase. I am experiencing a ‘black dot’ that appears after you scroll down. Above the logo a black dot appears and stays there. How can I solve this?

I am using Foundation, the Top bar is within a SrollUp stack and under that on every page I use the Impact stack.

This is the ‘beta’ link.

Thanks, Jeroen

Nobody who knows how to solve this?

Hi Jerome
Looks like Impact is have a little issue there, not sure why, but use this code and it will disappear

list-style-type: none;

Looking closer, it looks like you have put the impact slide into the Foreground content dropzone, and it should not go in there. The Slides container is empty and your one impact slide is in fg-content

You can see here is what the page should look like with Foreground set to Floating (Same on all slides)

If you have the slides stack in that zone, take it out.

Thanks zeebe, The thing is that the ‘Impact’ stack does not always behave like above. Only on one page I got it like above (the contact page). For the other ones I used a ‘work-a-round’ by starting with a black background and letting the slide zoom-out (thus that way overlapping the ‘dot’) instead of zooming-in.

PS.: where should I put the code?

You do not need to use the code if you have the slide stack in the Foreground content area, which is the way it looks like you do.