Impact Stack question - foreground stacks come and go

I’ve implemented Impact.It’s great – except, the foreground stacks disappear after a second or two. Can I prevent this? Thanks

It’s always easier to help if we can see the issue that you are referring to.

Thanks Joe, please go to

The issue is on the first page.

I have the stack set up as follows:


Set Target to relative to parent. You have it set relative to browser which will end up behind Impact.

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like so:

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Thanks @Tav. I now have my project configured with the same Target settings as yours. I still get the logo appearing and disappearing… Watch the home page for 15 secs. to see what I mean

Oh, and thanks very much for responding.

You do not appear to have Target dropped into the Impact “Foreground: Floating” dropzpne.

You must ensure that it is dropped directly into this dropzone. If you cut the Target from my example project, you will see the dropzone that it is in:


That’s it! Thanks a ton. David


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