Foundation+Impact: small glitch on iPhone

first of all… thank you Joe for yesterday’s dicounts: grabbed quite a few very nice new toys to play with :smile:

then… the glitch:
here is my website’s draft (still just playing around and trying to get a grasp of Foundation and these new stacks)

the glitch happens on the “home” page when, on an iPhone in portrait mode, I open the menu: the slideshows slips downwards so that Title+Slogan show on a grey background :-/

doesn’t happen in any other page
(was happening in “about me” too but went away using “Eclipse” instead of “Impact”. which I can’t do in “home” 'cause of the 10 slides limit Eclipse has)

thanks for ideas :smile:

if you enter this in the site wide CSS it should fix it. I have let @joeworkman know about it.

.f-topbar-fixed{padding-top: 0!important}

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thank you so much, @tav : works just great! :twothumbs:


btw… whilst at it… can “Slogan” be moved slightly towards “Title” (… without breaking anything :-p )?

Yes, you can give it a negative left margin to shift it towards the title. 4px is my guess but adjust as you wish

.top-bar{margin-left: -4px}

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thank you once more tav :slight_smile:

My pleasure.

You will be able to remove the first CSS after the next Impact update too.

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@pl_svn The impact update has now been released by Joe and should allow you to remove that CSS and fix the problem.

thank you very much Andrew (and Joe, obviously)
updated, removed the custom css and all is fine :slight_smile:

btw… sent Joe an email yesterday about an issue with “Screens” on iOS: couldn’t get navigation dots to show :-/
then I found (and told Joe) that Purify Blocker was the culprit: as soon as I whitelisted my website, navigation dots went back (but this means… issue is solved on my own devices only!!!)

there’s something in those dots that makes a content blocker kick-in, so… if Joe would be so kind to investigate…
content blockers, lately, have been top sellers on iOS (and Purify is among the highly reputed ones)