Blackout & play video on first landing?

I remember a stack from a few years ago—When a user first visited the homepage, the stack faded & dimmed (or blacked out) the page content, a lightbox appeared on top of the page content, and a video auto-played in the lightbox.

This may have been partially done using the symBlackout stack, which, as far as I can tell, is now defunct. Ideally the video would only play once for a given user, so that if they browse the site and then return to the homepage, the blackout does not happen and the video doesn’t play another time.

Anybody have any ideas on how to do this?

The best solution is probably to use @joeworkman’s “Expose” stack. In the Stacks Inspector window, there are checkboxes for “Open on page load” and “Only open once”. Should do everything you’re looking for, if I’m not mistaken. To get the video to play, there are plenty of video stacks around with “Autoplay” options; or a simple HTML stack with a YouTube/Vimeo video’s embed code (with “Autoplay” set to “true”.)

(I know Splash from @doobox can sort of do what you’re looking for, but it’s a separate page, not an overlay. Plus, I don’t know about making it so that the same user doesn’t see it more than once.)

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To attempt the effect, I did this—

I used doobox’s Landing Zone stack, and put the Joe Workman Expose stack inside it, with the Joe Workman HTML5 stack inside it, with my video linked. The HTML5 video stack is set to autoplay.

The Landing Zone stack creates the screen blackout effect, and lets you put a stack inside the stack that will appear on top of the black-screen effect.

I was hoping this would work, but . . . When I Preview the page, I get the black-screen effect, and my video plays, but I just hear audio and don’t see video. Maybe there’s something I’m overlooking? If anybody has any input, I’d appreciate it.

I am trying to acomplish the exact same effect. Did you solve this problem?