Multiple movies stack

Hi, is there a stack where you can put several movies (not text) on a single page but they have to be able to play on the same page in large (it doesn’t has to be full screen as the movies doesn’t always have the best quality) ?

Something like the screenshot with the Freestyle stack was very nice but here it seems I can’t play the movies in large screen as I do get a message 'full screen not available"

PS and if possible a way to have the movies set on ‘non’ autoplay as by now they all do start together the moment you open that page and as they are all rather noisy it’s a hell of a noise :frowning:

The basic answer to your question is “yes”. I’m not sure why you could not play in full screen (doesn’t make a lot of sense, but perhaps there’s a special situation) and typically very easy to control not auto-playing by how you embed the video. My big assumption is you are using videos stored at YouTube or Vimeo.

There are at least 3 solutions, probably more.

  1. . If this stack does not do the job check some other options at
  2. . And ditto: if this stack does not do the job there may be another good option at
  3. depending on the number of videos this could be darn easy to build yourself. For instance I could see building a gallery as shown in your screenshot with Stack4Stacks Adaptive Grid stack combined with using embed codes from the various videos.

I am especially fond of Nick Cates’ Light Page photo/video gallery (and more) stacks. Make sure you watch the product video…

Thx Mathew, they are YT movies.
I’ve downloaded the demo Stacks4Stacks video player but it looks like nothing happens. I’ve put the full url in the MP4-link as I don’t see any specific YouTube choise. Some stacks only want the last part of the url but I suppose (and tried that one too) this should be OK.

I’ll take a look when I’m back Rob. Also thx.

I’ve been looking at the stack Light Page Rob but I’ve hoped that there was a way to have a pop-up screen above the page that shows the movie you’ve chosen. Now you’ve lost the other movies and have to use the previous or next button without seeing any ‘thumbnail’. So if that would be possible I rather like it when the movie is done you click on the cross and close that screen and go back to the rest/list of the movies who were ‘underneath’ just like a kind of images lightbox.
OK you can do it by ‘go to all videos’ but it isn’t exactly the same or I’m demanding too much here…

I am using @willwood 's Adaptive Grid: AdaptiveGrid | Stacks4Stacks with Freestyle: FreeStyle | Stacks4Stacks.

This is still a work in progress… my site always is… but you can see that I have 3 videos on one page and can add as many as I like… see screenshot of Freestyle Settings:

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It seems you are mixing things up. Either use Will’s uTubeChannel stack. Or do something similar to Lisa. Realistically you can use adaptive grid. Within each grid put an HTML stack, and within each stack put the embed code for the video.

There are other ways to do this also. Lisa has done something slightly different and it may be even better for you needs.

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I would suggest using Stacks4Stacks TopBox and the adaptive grid. It works very nicely for a video gallery and as far as I can tell seems to satisfy your requirements. Here is an example:

That example uses Vimeo, but it works with Youtube as well. And TopBox is a great lightbox to have in your toolbox.


Great recommendation from David. TopBox is a fantastic stack.

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Hi a great thanks to everyone for the recalls and I think I do have the solution now with the TopBow stack.
I’ve used the demo and it seems to do what I had in mind.
Have a nice day everybody !

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Maybe its a pity you don’t have control over the screen dimensions since most movies (and images) has been taken by the client himself they often don’t have that great quality, so a bit smaller would have been nice.
But I’m glad with what I have :slight_smile:

You can reduce the size of the TopBox lightbox with this CSS:

.nivo-lightbox-wrap {
max-width: 600px;
margin: auto !important;

Paste it into the Page inspector > HTML > CSS on that page or site wide in the Code section in Settings. Use “paste as plain text” from the edit menu. You can set the max-width to whatever size you want.

you’re the best. thx