How to run an Animated Logo

Hi all, I am trying to run an animated logo (mp4) in a HTML5 (Joe Workman) Stack. Problems: I get a black background each time the video loads (it is a white background). I also get a black border around the video. If I run it once it then disappears on the screen - I would like it to run once when the page is loaded then just stay there. Is an mp4 video the best way or should I be using a different format?

Thanks for your help.


have a link to the website and to the MP4 file?

No, I haven’t uploaded yet. I can’t seem to upload the mp4 file the forum tells me “the file format is not authorised”. Shall I publish to Dropbox and share with you?


Try putting it as code, use the < / > symbol in the bar.

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean. The code for the mp4 file?

Put the URL in the Code symbol, click on the </> symbol an it will allow you to put the URL between the code symbols.

Hi Zeebe, but I haven’t uploaded the file anywhere yet.

I have managed to work out that to keep the logo on the screen once it has run - to set the pause time to the end time of the video (i.e. 8 seconds in my case).

But the border is still black and before the video loads it is on a black background for a fraction of a second.

How can I show you…

Hi again Zeebe, I have such a headache. Is there a video that Joe has done on this stack? I have just looked at You Tube and I can’t see any. I need the video to load without a flash of black background.



video is on Joes page:

Middle under stack description.

yes, I did see that one. I need to know how to get rid of the black screen before the video loads.


Been looking into this all day! There does seem to be a common issue for a lot of people of the flash of black which fills the entire stack element just before the video loads. If Loop is on then after about 4 runs the black flash disappears. I have read that you can add a white box jpg to the Poster Image but that doesn’t work for me. Any ideas Zeebe?