Youtube's without loading of base.js


Any suggestion about YouTube stack without preloading of the “base.js (1.3Mb)”?
DooBox’s VideoPlus can do it, but after clicking on the poster image it open video by specific way: sliding modal window from the left.
But all I need is to play video at the same place and size of the poster image (screenshot with arrow over it) without other special effects.

Thank You!

Hello @Astx,

may be the uTube Stack by Stacks4Stacks or the TubeWeaver Stack by RWtuts is something for you.

If nothing works the wy you want you still can grab the default HTML Stack and put YT’s-embed inside :wink:

Happy weaving,

Thank You!

But all of this stacks load base.js every time (how i can see at demo-pages of they) :frowning:
And I can’t put YT’s-embed, because first of it do is also loading base.js. How i can see, all RW stacks i know, is simple wrappers around YT’s-embed code, and this mean all of them loading base.js.
I mean i need something like this: stack with poster image, but with ability to start connect to YT only after (and IF ) user click on poster image, not before. This must avoid of loading 1.3MB not needed code every time page load.

You may have a look at this forum entry:

You can customise the code snippet provided there which might solve your problem.
If it doesn’t work I can try to create a corresponding stack for you.

Happy weaving,

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Thank You, i’ll try. But i think this type of stack will be popular, because importance of “speed rank” of SEO.
If we talk about “commercial” stack, IMHO it must have:

  1. placeholder for poster image,
  2. placeholder for overlay image of “play” button
  3. some counts of predrawed “play” button images
  4. ability to add overlay Title
  5. ability to use YT/Vimeo/??? ID, not a full link with https://

I know, all of this i can make at photoshop but…