RW blog archive settings

My blog archive only displays the dates which I find useless, the title would be preferred.
Finding a subject that was blogged is very difficult opening each and every posted date.
Is there a work around.

Would using Categories and Tags help at all?


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As Rob says :wink:
I do not use this stack, but it sounds like it could be an option for you if you don’t find categories and Tags a sufficient answer.
Live Search By 1LD
There may be other similar options.
But it also adds another level of perhaps unnecessary complexity…

Perhaps a blog is not the best format for organizing your information?

Sorry but I’m not familiar with Categories and Tags. And will search.
I read somewhere that the RW blog page does not work with Stacks.
But I believe the builder could make a change to have the titles along with the dates showing.
Thanks Rob and Chuck

The Blog is a page type on its own and isn’t designed to work with Stacks.

If you have Stacks you could always look at the excellent Poster stack from Instacks. That’s a great blogging solution.

Alternatively, you can turn on Categories and Tags in the standard blog page and then add those to your blog posts as a way of organising things. Here’s a blog that uses both.



Thanks a lot Rob, I’ll give it a try.

You are absolutely correct, the Poster stack worked perfectly. I’m in the process of transferring the earlier posts over.
Thank you Rob.


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