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Ive created a blog/events list for an event we have coming up. I wonder if its possible to make it so the earlier events are at the top and the later ones at the bottom? By default its the other way around.

Thanks in advance


Here is an example. The date showing at the top is 10/7/16 and it goes down to 2/7/16. In an ideal world id love this the other way up. Any ideas guys please? Im desperate to sort this

I’m pretty sure the answer’s no. You can’t with the built in blog and so far as I can see neither Tumblr nor Blogger allow you to do that. Blogs just aren’t designed to work that way.

You could create the list of events manually. Then if you need a tag/categories style feature, use something like the SimpleSearch stack ( to create tags for each post so that visitors can search posts.

All I can think f I’m afraid.


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Thanks Rob. That’s what I feared and have basically now been doing just what you suggested. (Thought I’d start in case there was no solution)
Creating basically the same on a text page and editing the layout to suit. Does actually give me more freedom, just means re doing everything, but only gonna be once so not too bad.

Thanks again


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