Blog notifications

(Willem) #1

I can’t find any stacks to trigger mail or push notifications for blog posts.
Why blog if no one knows you are blogging?

Or lets even go a step further, why not push notification setup???

Is there some mystery surrounding this issue? Are we afraid to let people follow our posts? Is this a politically sensitive issue? Ha! What is the hold up?

(Willem) #3

Yes, blogging without notifications would be no different than sending smoke signals without smoke. I have at this point close to 1,000 followers who would like to know when I post a new article.

These forums work this way as well, and are basically blogs without fancy features. You will say… use FB, LinkedIn or a Mailer like Madmimi / Mailchimp… wrong.
Social: Followers get bombarded with junk that has nothing to do with my blog
Mailchimp: Really…? I need to fire up a campaign every week to send various people my latest blog. Hahah. Not.

(...) #4

I so agree. I have been fighting for this for years!

(LJ) #5

To do this the blog would have to integrate with some kind of database or email address storage / subscription system. You’re not really going to get this in a stack although you might gate some ‘stack assistance’ to integrate. For my clients who blog, we simply email the link to either a group set up in their eMail client or a subscribed list in mailchimp, Aweber etc. Not exactly difficult - take less than a minute as a rule

(Rob Beattie) #6

Mail chimp has a special kind of campaign called RSS-led which is perfect for this. People sign up once to get notified when your blog updates and Mailchimp takes care of the rest.


(Willem) #8

I can totally see your point. I would not consider that a blog though… It’s just news in a blog format and for commercial purposes. Who wants to be spammed by that? me neither… You are just trying to get in front of customers for a client to get them to go to their website. Thats sales, markering and advertising not blogging.

Having said that, I do agree that its a legitimate “form” of blogging from a technical perspective. So yes, if you are not blogging as a real writer yourself and you don’t have people that want to follow it, you obviously don’t want followers or notifications. Agreed.

Anyway, back to blogging. Mailchimp RSS trigger is a solution indeed, I did not think about that. However it proves my point as well.