1Little Designer Quick Editor Stack

The stack is here:

Does anyone know if this stack lets you remotely add articles? Or is it limited to editing existing articles?


I don’t have this stack, but not sure what you mean by “add articles?“. The answer might depend on what the definition of an article is.

But in any case Tagging @Jon1LD @1LDskyler @1LittleDesigner

I suspect the original poster wants to be able to create new editable areas on the site and I’d be very surprised if that’s possible.


Add blog posts.
Text and images.

Finally heard from 1LD:

Not supported.

Take a look at GoCMS from Yabdab? That has a nice blog feature which lets you create new posts.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and easy-to-setup blog, give Alloy a peek:

Total CMS is a very powerful blogging system and CMS.

i use Armadillo, it is great!

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Foundry only.

Yes, indeed, Alloy is a part of Foundry. It uses the Foundry framework for some of its code to help make it lighter weight and faster. This is definitely by design.

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So it is a solution only for those working with Foundry, not any other framework.

Correct you are. :+1:

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